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Preventing Mosquito-Borne Diseases

The last thing anybody needs is a mosquito-borne disease. It is, however, a threat in many places in the warmer seasons. Considering the threat that they pose, it is important to know the diseases they can spread and what measures you can take to protect yourself.

What to Do to Prevent Mosquito-Borne Disease

The fastest and easiest way to deal with serious mosquito issues it to get help from mosquito control oklahoma city experts. But there are things that you can do to help protect yourself from the diseases mosquitoes spread.

Report standing water

If you see standing water present on public property, report it to city authorities. Most larger cities and towns have spraying programs and will appreciate the heads up so they can test the water.

If you have a pool of standing water on your own property, drain it yourself. It is important to not leave standing water as is and be careful while draining the water as well.

Wear repellent

Make sure to wear a repellent that is approved by the CDC. Repellents with DEET, Picaridin, or IR3535 are recommended. Using essential oils such as lemon eucalyptus oil that is not formulated is not recommended or encouraged.

Long Sleeves and Pants

The repellent is only going to help as long as you’re also covering yourself. Long sleeves and long pants also go a long way in preventing mosquito bites when you’re outdoors.

Avoid going out after dusk or at dawn

Mosquitoes are known to be most active at dusk and at dawn. If you’re not in their environment at those times, then the chances of being bitten are a lot lower. If it is necessary to step out, it is helpful to wear long sleeves and pants and spray repellent.