electrical contractors chattanooga

Working With Electricity

Electricity is amazing.  When it was discovered all those years ago, no one knew that it would be one of the primary sources of power that we rely on.  When we look at electricity, we use it to power our homes, our devices and now even our cars.  With more and more devices relying on electricity to work the need for electrical contractors chattanooga is growing larger and larger every day.

electrical contractors chattanooga

Understand electricity

One of the largest issues today is that people don’t really understand electricity.  For most people they just believe that you hit a switch on a wall and electricity is available to us.  Well, this is the foundation of what electricity will do, but it is only the most superficial component.

Electricity takes the shortest route

The first thing that you need to understand is that electricity will take the shortest route to any end point.  So, what this means is that if you are in the way of an electrical charge, then you will get zapped.  This is why you want to stay away from anything that contains an open electrical charge such as live wire. 

Water loves electricity

Water is a conductor for electricity.  What this means is that if electricity and water mix the electrical charge will flow freely through the water towards is end point.  If we are standing in water at the time an electrical charge is set, then we will be hit.

Don’t do electrical repairs on your own

Many feel that they should be able to do electrical repairs on their own.  They feel that you are only playing with wires it should be simple enough.  Well, you never want to play with electrical devices, it is always a good thing to hire a professional.  If we do the repairs wrong, we could be sending too much power through the device and it could catch fire.

When it comes to electricity be smart.  The results that come along with power could be deadly.